Understand While Playing: Global Warming Awareness with Educational Toys


Global Warming has become a very important subject in the current scenario. You might have also heard about the recent forest fire which took place in Canada. The reports say that the forest fire took place because of some combined reasons - lightning in May and supporting it, the warm weathers. Have you noticed the rate by which the temperature is rapidly increasing around you, which makes it impossible for anyone to survive without an air conditioner? Have you been observing that several news are coming up which are reportedly speaking about the increase in the level of ocean water, and that by the next few years, some cities have the chances of getting submerged? These are still very few cases which are being mentioned over this blog- the real numbers and cases, if written down, would be enough for anyone to start panicking about the dangers that he is surrounded with. We, as parents, have always wished for a better future for our next generation, but by what means? By letting them know that their parents have invested in a secured future by enrolling them into the best schools in the town; by letting them be aware of the highly paid trending skills in the market and thus getting them enrolled into one of the courses. But it’s high time that we bring our kids out of the comfort of their air-conditioned rooms and make them aware about the global hazards that are taking place.

We require our kids to understand nature, its functioning and what can harm the balance that it creates in order to promote the Ecological Harmony. And, honestly there is no better way than to help children learn about these natural phenomena with the help of 3D working models. Times have changed, and so have the ways of visualizing and understanding concepts. It is no more that time, when we used to learn with the help of books and our teachers explaining the same on a blackboard. As times have changed, so has the way of learning- both ways; teacher needs to develop content or reading materials which is curated with a perfect combination of text and images and sometimes videos, and so have children accepted and adopted the developed ways of learning.


Learning @ Home with Toys

Learning at home allows the children to learn while being at their comfort zone where they can learn at their own space. Learning with toys has become the new trend, where parents refer to toys while educating young minds. Educational toys have levered up the process of understanding and visualization in a lot of areas like science, mathematics, literacy, engineering concepts and others which requires a 3D presentation of the same. Even, parents have started adopting this approach to educate their children while at home. They have begun looking out for products that are not just entertaining but also educating their children.

What are Educational Toys?

Educational toys are those type of types whose main objective is to impart some kind of knowledge or skill in a child while they indulge in playing with them. Educational toys are designed to address various skill sets which includes the development of motor and fine motor skills, social and emotional development, cognitive development, understanding and memorizing numbers, alphabets, colours, understanding shapes at the very basic level. As the child gradually grows up, the parents are then more focused to provide their children with something with which they can start learning on their own while also keeping them engaged. That is exactly when, parents look out for educational toys which are able to impart subject-specific knowledge on their kids like environment, science, engineering, amongst others. 

Imparting Knowledge about Global Warming with Educational Toys

There are some educational toys which allows students to gain hands-on experience about certain topics, in this reference- Global Warming. Global Warming is a very alarming topic which requires urgent attention. As parents, and moreover, being the survivors of this generation, we have already seen the good days when the environment was in our favour. Yes, we did see floods, earthquakes, soil erosion etc. but it is completely different from what we are experiencing now. The temperatures have risen, the forests are burning, frequent catastrophes and many more could be easily added to the list. That is why, this is high time that we engage our children into learning about these and the best way to make them understand is to practically show them. 

Benefits of imparting knowledge about environmental topics with educational toys are:

  1. Boosts Creativity: When any concept is tried to be practically shown with the help of educational toys, it boosts the creativity of the children. It allows their minds to take up a creative approach towards the problems presented.
  2. Promotes Better Understanding: We must have always observed that things that we learnt in our childhood while playing, we still remember them. Like, have you been able to forget the process of Photosynthesis? It is because, through proper visualisations, we understood the concept clearly which it almost impossible for us to forget the basics.
  3. Promotes Problem-solving Attitude: Whenever we are presented with a 3D model representing any situation, which requires solutions, having an Over-The-Top or Bird view of it helps us locate or list down the reasons behind certain problems. This is because, we could actually see, what is causing the problem.
  4. Helps in Understanding the Cause-and-Effect Relationship: Being able to understand the cause-and-effect relationship from an early childhood makes it easier for kids to grasp complex concepts while studying. As everything easily fits in this formula, students can easily identify the gaps that needs to be addressed, either logically or creatively or a perfect combination of both.

Thus, educational toys like I’m A Genius Save The Planet have been designed keeping the above-mentioned benefits as a guide. This educational kit has all the elements packed inside it which would be able to impart a practical understanding of Global Warming, its causes and its effect on the global society.

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