Why choose Wooden Toys for your children??

According to a report published by UNEP (UN Environment Programme), more than 25% of children’s plastic toys contain chemicals as they are made from plastic. And these toys being a very close part of our children's day to day life, pose quite a warning for them and for us parents too.

What is the solution you might wonder. It would be a safe option to go for Wooden toys, which are simply but aesthetically designed helping in broadening our little ones’ imaginations without any distractions and provide the enrichment their developing brains need. Moreover, there are the additional benefits due to them being organic and natural.
We're listing some more reasons on why wooden toys might be the correct choice your little ones.
Why should you buy wooden toys for your little one's?

 Wooden toys are simple and promote basic skills such as discovery and exploration. This results in children developing creative skills from an early age. In comparison, plastic toys with sophisticated technology, such as sound and visual effects, do not focus on the acquisition of new skills.

 Most wooden toys or wooden blocks do not have any system of holding them together, allowing the child to give the toy 100 percent focus and attention and be free to explore it in any way they want. Kids can play with wooden toys in infinite ways, and all of their imaginative creations will be right.

  • Clear Concepts

 Wooden toys are an excellent way to introduce new concepts to children as they are easy to grasp and can be used for a variety of purposes. Children grasp concepts due to easy designs that allow them to understand what they are doing. They are beneficial for early age learning as they allow children to develop their motor skills while having fun doing so!

  • Durable and long lasting

 There’s no denying the fact that wooden toys last much longer compared to other toys. The feelings of watching your younger child play with the toys you got for your older child and the different ways in which both the babies played with the wooden toy is one full of joy, and a memorable one.

  • Safety

 Since children often tend to stick everything in their month, a wooden toy ensures that it does not break and leave dangerous pieces that can be ingested by your little one. Adding the absence of harmful chemicals and plastic, wooden toys are the safest companion for your little one.

Top Wooden toys you can buy at The Toy Room

At The Toy Room, we have created a carefully selected collection of wooden toys for children of all ages. These wooden toys are perfect for pretend play, early learning and many more.

 The wooden multi function music centre is perfect for anyone who is excited to learn or curious of different sounds! The easy and fun design is loved by children and it is often the most loved toy for children. It is suitable for children above 2 years age. 



 Match the colours on top of the stumps to the ones on the hedgehog and help your children to develop skills such as fine motor skills and more! Perfect for toddlers aged 12 months and above.


 Encourage your child's creativity and imagination to build whatever they like with these wooden construction blocks! A wide range of shapes and sizes they can build whatever their little minds desire. Block play also helps develop their motor skills!

 This 10 piece puzzle is great for little ones to develop their shape skills! Each block fits neatly into the board, with each shape at different sizes children can also lay them out in size order as well as shape categories. Encourage Focus and shapes and color recognition in children from an early age.


 Taking after the traditional abacus, this wooden bead's abacus is great for small hands aged 18 months and above! With different colours and easy to push and pull beads, your toddler will have so much fun and learning numbers and developing motor skills whilst playing with this toy.



 They may be simple but wooden toys sure have that aesthetic appeal. They’re smooth, clean and simply beautiful looking toys that last.

 Not all toys that are made of materials other than wood are bad. It’s good to have a balance in everything. There might be some qualities in other toys that we would want our little ones to learn and vice versa. But, including wooden toys in their playtime along with other toys could benefit them in more ways than one.