Top STEM projects for kids

A study from PEW Research Centre highlights that overall since the 19th century, employment in STEM occupations has grown 79%—increasing from 9.7 million to 17.3 million.

According to many educators, it is vital that parents begin introducing children to STEM as early as possible, as society advances more and more towards robotics, artificial intelligence and digital media. Parents are the gatekeepers of toys for their kids, especially for younger children. 

Toys have come a long way since we were kids and STEM toys can be the perfect way to build a child's confidence for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Playing with STEM toys from a young age allows plenty of opportunities for kids to be creative, which helps them develop in areas of problem - solving, spatial reasoning, engineering concepts.

What is a STEM project?

STEM education is very important to mankind just like water we drink and the air we breathe in, we need it to produce more critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and the world's best economic drivers. Creative experiments and projects that can teach real scientific principles in a fun and hands - on way. STEM projects are designed to engage children in experiential learning, where kids can actively explore, experiment and solve real world problems using STEM skills. 

Often requiring children to identify problems, brainstorm and implement solutions, STEM projects help children learn how to think critically, analyse situations, and make informed decisions. These problem-solving skills are valuable for tackling challenges in various aspects of life.

STEM projects offer a holistic approach to learning by integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a practical and engaging way. They develop critical skills and competencies that are essential for success in the 21st century, fostering a lifelong love for learning and a curiosity about the world around them.


What is STEM learning?

Learning at home can be fun and engaging when you explore your child's creatives

According to the latest research, STEM toys for kids provide a good way to boost overall development, helping children develop their basic skills to a level of complexity that will help them throughout their lives. It emphasizes a hand on learning, inquiry based approach to learning, where children can actively engage in problem solving, critical thinking and encourage kids to develop their own questions. STEM learning fosters important skills like critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Stem learning is early exposure to kids which helps shape their career aspirations and provide a foundation for future learning.

Creativity and innovation with stem kits give freedom to children to explore different approaches, think out of the box and come up with unique solutions to problems. The skills developed through STEM learning are necessary for success in the modern world.

6 Top STEM construction kits 

  1. Hot Wires

Brand: John Adams

Age: 8-12

Hot wires is an educational Construction stem kit created by John Adams that introduces children to the concept of electronics and circuitry in a safe and engaging manner. As children successfully build circuits and see their creations come to life, it boosts their confidence and sense of achievement. Hot Wires encourages a "learning by doing" approach. With the Hot Wires game, children can use their creativity and imagination to build a real flying disk, a working FM radio with automatic station selection, a lie detector to test your friends, a burglar alarm to keep your valuables safe, sound effects and lots more! 

Hot Wires - John Adams - The Toy Room

  1. Creative Builder 50 in 1 Motorized Set

Brand: Engino

Age: 5-8

Engino Creative Builder 50 in 1 Motorized Set is an STEM educational construction toy that allows children to build various models using motorized components

Engino Creative Builder 50 in 1 Motorized Set offers a comprehensive learning experience that combines creativity, problem-solving, and STEM education. It provides children with the tools to build and explore a wide range of models while fostering their curiosity and understanding of engineering concepts. The multimodel creative builder set is the ultimate engineering adventure for young learners who are looking to take their next steps in STEM learning and understanding.

Engino Stem Toys - The Toy Room


  1. Engenius Contraptions Marble Run

Brand: Cheatwell

Age: 5-8

Engenius contraptions marble run is a STEM toy for kids made from plywood that kids will assemble themself. This stem kit from cheatwell games helps children to achieve those important stem objectives of fostering inquiring minds such as logical reasoning and collaboration skills. It also helps develop a child's creativity, concentration and spatial insight through play. Engenius contraptions marble run was the Gift of the Year Winner in 2019.

Engenius Contraptions PMS - Marble STEM Toy - The Toy Room


  1. Illusion cubes

Brand: Happy Puzzle Company

Age: 5-8

Lets children create their own optical illusions with STEM toy Illusion cubes from Happy Puzzle Company. The 24 double-sided Illusion Cube tiles inside this box will allow you to explore, create and amaze yourself as you build your very own optical illusions. 120 challenges have been included to get you started, before you begin making your own remarkable illusion creations. Engaging children with this STEM toy illusion cubes can spark interest in engineering, robotics and related fields. This STEM kit  helps children develop their analytical thinking, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

Illusion Cubes - Happy Puzzle Company - The Toy Room


  1. STEM Explorer Marble Runners

Brand: Learning Resources

Age: 5-8


STEM Explorers Marble Runners. Great for fun STEM learning in the classroom or at home, children can make their own marble runs on walls and windows.Playing with Explorer marble runners can contribute to a child's cognitive development, problem-solving abilities, and interest in STEM fields. THIS Stem kit Explorer marble runner offers a hands-on learning experience where children can experiment, make adjustments, and test their designs. 

STEM Marble Runners - Learning Resources Toys - The Toy Room
  1. Palaeontology: Learning about Dinosaurs

Brand: Engino

Age: 8-12

Palaeontology - Learning about Dinosaurs is an educational STEM kit from Engino that combines the study of dinosaurs with hands-on building activities. The STEM kit focuses on teaching children about dinosaurs, their characteristics and their place in history. This stem kit includes building components and instructions for constructing dinosaur models. Children can build and assemble their own 3D dinosaur replicas. This hands-on building experience enhances fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and manual dexterity.

Stem Dinosaur Toys - Engino - The Toy Room


STEM construction kits for kids offer a multitude of benefits and play a valuable role in their educational development. STEM construction kits provide a platform for children to actively engage with STEM disciplines and develop a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They create a stimulating learning environment that inspires curiosity, fosters creativity, and cultivates essential skills for success in the modern world.