5 reasons why Educational toys are essential for Early Childhood development


As a parent, there are so many things to wonder about your little one. What will they wear, what will they eat, what do they need to be safe and how to support their development every single day. With that many things to wonder about, it’s pretty common to keep a very important aspect out from your list of items.

Could you get it? Yes, the most basic but very often the most important part of growing. TOYS. Toys play an important role in Early Childhood development as they keep the little hands and brains busy while learning at school or home. From stimulating creativity to developing problem-solving skills, the most important role of toys in early childhood education is to help kids perceive information from their surroundings, enhance their development. It’s often observed that kids who attend early childhood programs are likely to perform better in studies and other activities once they go to higher classes.

At what age does early learning start?

Early learning starts from birth. It is a continuous process that extends beyond the first few years of life. In teaching mostly, it refers to the education of children between birth to kindergarten age. This can include the activities such as reading, singing, playing games and engaging in hands- on exploration and experiments.

Best time to introduce toys

During the first few years of life, children’s brains are rapidly developing, and they are constantly absorbing information from their Environment. Parents and educators can take advantage of this period of early learning by providing stimulating and enriching that promotes cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

5 Reason why educational toys are essential for Early Childhood development.

  1. Memorization
Memory is an important part of building a solid foundation of learning, having a great memory can help your child to do better in school or at home. Sharp memory skills aren’t something that children are born with - these skills develop and improve the more they are used. Like any other skills, practice makes perfect.
  1. Enhance Creativity 
Creativity enhances when your toddler is given a set of toys like building blocks, pretend play sets, they will use them to create narratives as they play. Creativity and imagination can help a child's motor skills and social interactions and even problem solving skills. Every invention we are thankful for today was someone's imagination. Every new development of these inventions is the result of someone’s creativity. As your toddler plays with his toys, his whole world shape fits to another dimension in his imagination. Art & craft toys help children develop their creativity and imagination.
  1. Sense Development
Babies start to understand cause and effect very young. When your baby moves her arm and hears the rattle, then turns her head in that direction and attempts to recreate the sound, she is learning cause and effect and body awareness. This is another important part of sensory development that provides the foundation for gross motor skills and coordination.
  1. Focus and Logic Development
Children have an innate ability to think logically. With a little help from you your toddler can practice these essential skills, which are required in everyday life and academics. Some activities to help early learners develop logical thinking skills are Sequencing game, pretend play, sorting by shape and lining up toys etc.
  1. Communication Development
Many educational toys and games can help in developing communication skills in Toddlers. Interacting, asking them questions and making them understand the concepts can easily help in developing skills. Toddlers need the right direction and encouragement to be more confident about the way they communicate their thoughts.

5 Best toys for early childhood Learning

Brand - Zimpli Kids
Age: 3-5
Slime Baff is an Early learning toy, it is a bath toy that turns bath time into a fun and slimy adventure for kids. The toy comes in the form of a powder that, when added to water, creates a thick and gooey slime that can be played with and explored. The slime is non-toxic and safe for kids to play with, and it can be easily drained away after bath time is over. Slime Baff comes in a variety of colours and scents, making it a versatile and enjoyable bath time toy for kids.
Brand Zimpli Kids
Age: 3-5
Gelli Baff is a fun and unique bath time toy that transforms bath water into a colourful and squishy jelly-like substance. This toy creates an entirely new sensory experience for early learner/toddlers, making bath time more exciting and engaging. Gelli Baff is a unique and fun bath time toy that adds an element of excitement to a daily routine, making it perfect for kids who love to play and explore.
Brand - Vtech
Age: 0-3
The Play & Chase Puppy toy is an interactive and early learning toy designed for toddlers. It is shaped like a cute and playful puppy that moves around and interacts with its surroundings. This Toddler toy features various buttons and sensors that children can use to interact with the puppy. This toddler toy encourages children to engage in physical activity and helps to develop their hand-eye coordination. Encourage motor development with this cute little hoverboarding puppy which rides around, encouraging your child to play with and chase them! 
Brand - Tooky Toy
Age: 0-3
A wooden baby walker is a simple, yet classic toy designed for young children who are learning to walk. wooden baby walkers can also provide a fun and engaging play experience. It can help toddlers develop their physical and cognitive abilities while providing a fun and engaging play experience. The wooden baby walker includes a set of wooden blocks, varying shape and colour, which can be arranged and carried along. The task of sorting and arranging the blocks inside the container is a fun challenge for the little ones, which helps them exercise their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The wooden walker from Tooky Toys is ideal for toddlers aged 12 months and above.  Best toddler toy for early childhood learning.
Brand - Leapfrog
Age: 0-3
Stay active with the Letter-Go-Round! With lots to learn and discover, this exciting toy spins 360 degrees on the base while teaching toddlers letters, sounds and different animals! The Leapfrog Pull Letter-Go-Round is a fun and educational toy designed for toddlers. The Pull Letter-Go-Round toddlers toy also features a variety of interactive buttons and knobs that children can use to learn and play. The Leapfrog Pull Letter-Go-Round is a fun and engaging toy that helps toddlers learn the alphabet and develop their cognitive and motor skills.
Overall, educational toys are an important tool for parents and caregivers who want to support their child's development in a fun and engaging way. By providing toddlers with toys that challenge and stimulate their minds, they can set them on a path towards success and lifelong learning.